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NYU SWS at a Glance

Smart Woman Securities (SWS) is a 501-c-3, not for profit organization whose mission is to educate undergraduate women on finance and investments. Through educational seminars, mentoring initiatives and exposure to successful professionals and businesses, SWS provides the guidance and resources for women to build on their knowledge of the financial industry.

Our Programs

Investment education is the foundation of SWS

Our education model offers a comprehensive and cumulative curriculum which helps to provide a basic framework for students to learn about investing. Through the Seminar Series and Investment Project, students can gain a strong foundation in investment analysis and stock pitches while building a supportive network of peers.

Our programs are supplemented by mentoring initiatives which aim to connect alumni with students to share about their investment experiences. This ultimate “learning-by-doing” model is what we emphasize to our members in SWS.



The SWS Education Program begins with a 10-week Seminar Series led by experienced professionals and undergraduate peers  to introduce the foundations of finance. Students then complete an Investment Project that brings together the qualitative, quantitative, and analytical skills they've acquired in a hands-on approach to understanding investments. Successful completion of the Seminar Series and Investment Project is required in order to become an official SWS Associate.

The Advanced Seminar Series, available to all NYU SWS members, delves into specific sectors within the financial industry with in-depth explanations of technical skills required, and networking opportunities. 



The SWS Mentoring Initiative is designed to connect new SWS Associates with undergraduate peers and industry professionals.  Mentors offer both academic and career advice to students who want to learn more about opportunities within the investment field. Mentors serve as invaluable resources to students throughout the research and investment process.



After completion of the Seminar Series and Investment Project, SWS Associates have the opportunity to join the Equity Research Team as an Analyst. This group conducts research in various industries and makes investment recommendations to a student-run Investment Board.


This “learning-by-doing” model serves to educate students about investing by giving them a hands-on opportunity to manage a portfolio.  It also contributes to the financial health of the organization by ensuring that informed students are coming together to make judicious investments for the chapter’s fund.

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“If they don't give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair.”

-Shirley  Chisholm


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