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Equity Research

Week 1

Introduction to the Equity Research Team Program

This week, we’ll talk through the objectives of the Equity Research Team, talk about the structure and industry coverage groups, and get to know potential group members. Please note that there is an application process to become a member of the team.

Week 2

Coverage Group Assignments

This week, we’ll assign you to your industry coverage group and talk about key steps and research moving forward. We will also take the time to exchange information and get to know groups further.

Week 3

Company Selection & Qualitative Research

This week, after presenting your industry overviews, we will cover equity research one-pagers, and you begin research to pick a company as a group within your assigned industry.

Week 4

SWOT Analysis

This week, after presenting your Company Overviews & Profiles, we will begin the SWOT Analysis.

Week 5

Extras (Management, Catalysts, Risks, etc.)

This week, we'll begin putting together what we have researched so far, fleshing out our investment thesis, and delving into further topics, such as management, catalysts, and risks.

Week 6

Discounted Cash Flow Explained

This week we will begin to look at the process of completing a discounted cash flow analysis. 

Week 7

Discounted Cash Flow Cont.

This week we will continue our discounted cash flow analyses, and wrap up any outstanding questions about previously covered material. 

Week 8


This week, we will create our valuations for our respective companies! 

Week 9

Presentations & Social

This week, we will present our one pagers to the team and celebrate completing research teams!

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