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Investment Project

Week 1

Introduction to Investment Project

We will talk through the objectives of the Investment Project, walk you through a sample stock pitch, and help you to assemble your teams and choose a company.

Week 2

Industry and Company Overview

We will go through the key research to include in your pitch to give context to your company and its industry.


Deliverable: Preliminary Company Research

Week 3

Formulating an Investment Thesis

We will talk about how to identify the key advantages that make certain companies good buys and cover both catalysts and risks.

Deliverable: Industry & Company Overview

Week 4

Public Comparables Chart

We’ll take some time to explain the key metrics on a Public Comparable Chart and fill one in together. Please bring your laptops to this session if you are able to!

Deliverable: Catalysts & Risks

Week 5

Discounted Cash Flow Analysis I

This week, you’ll gain a basic understanding of the concept of DCF analysis, and we will walk through computing a base case for your company together. Please bring your laptops to this session if you are able to!

Deliverable: Public Comparable Chart

Week 6

Discounted Cash Flow Analysis II

This week, we will solidify our understanding of price targets and calculate a bullish and bearish case for your company. Please bring your laptops to this session if you are able to!

Week 7

Putting It All Together

This week, we will put together all of the information we have learned over the last few weeks, with a focus on answering questions you may have on your investment thesis, DCF, and public comparable.

Deliverable: DCF Analysis

Week 8

Stock Pitch "Dress Rehearsal"

This week your team will provide a “practice pitch” for the E-Board and your mentors to provide feedback. No professional dress required – yet!

Deliverable: Drafted Slide Deck

Week 9

Stock Pitch Competition

We are looking forward to hearing your final stock pitches! Of course, please email us with any outstanding questions you may have leading up to the presentations. Stay tuned for details on the judges and prizes!

Deliverable: Completed Slide Deck

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